Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) Technology

Latency Management Technology

Latency management technology is built into ATTO host bus adapters (HBAs) and RAID hardware. Advanced Data Streaming manages latency to provide controlled acceleration for smooth data streaming to maintain the highest consistent performance. ADS™ ensures best-in-industry data transfers for high-bandwidth applications, which means better performance for end-users.

ATTO Products with ADS Technology


  • Bus Mastering eliminates the need for communicating with the host CPU by transferring data directly between the ATTO host adapter and system memory. This relieves the CPU from the burden of managing protocol activities and increases system bandwidth for other applications.
  • Tagged Command Queuing allows for multiple I/O commands to be processed in any order, improving overall performance of read and write requests to hard drives.
  • Disconnect/Reconnect increases bus performance by eliminating wait time between an ATTO host adapter and other devices. This enables dynamic sharing of the bus bandwidth in sophisticated environments.
  • Advanced algorithms are implemented to provide optimized performance for workgroup applications such as digital content creation, rich media, prepress and databases.

ATTO Products with ADS Technology

Data transfer performance is smooth and reliable.

Competitor Products

Disrupted transfer with peaks and drops. Transfer rate dips below optimal performance levels.