Gen 6 Fibre Channel is here.

ATTO introduces 32Gb Fibre Channel

Realize the full potential of storage with ATTO's Celerity™ 16Gb and 32Gb HBAs. ATTO's Gen 6 offering is an evolution of its complete Fibre Channel SAN portfolio, providing connectivity to storage and networks for workgroups and the enterprise.

The new Gen 6 line unleashes the power of SSD Flash and speeds up massive data warehouses and applications, including 4K editing and high performance computing.

Among the benefits:

  • Fastest performance yet with 32 Gb HBAs supporting 3,200MB/s per-channel data throughput and 16Gb HBAs providing 1,600MB/s per-channel speeds
  • Backward compatibility protecting your SAN infrastructure investment
  • ATTO's proprietary Advanced Data Streaming™ Technology and Multi-Path Director™ deliver the best-in-industry SAN performance and uptime