xCORE Data Acceleration

First-of-its-kind acceleration technology improves the performance of flash devices

Today's demanding data center environments are adapting to take full advantage of the benefits of flash memory. With flash solid-state drive (SSD) devices becoming more mainstream due to rising capacity and lower prices, system architects need to make sure that the systems they are putting together can take advantage of flash SSD performance capabilities.

ATTO Technology Inc. has developed xCORE Data Acceleration technology to drive the performance of flash devices by separating data and control paths to keep latency at a consistent, deterministic sub-four-microsecond rate.

xCORE Data Acceleration features:

  • multiple parallel I/O acceleration engines with end-to-end I/O processing
  • hardware buffer allocation management
  • real-time performance and latency analytics

Host servers can now handle sharing all SSD storage instead of having to rely on hard-disk drives (HDDs), allowing system administrators to move CPU utilization beyond 70 percent and take advantage of a low-latency pipe feeding host servers to process more data at a faster rate.

CPU utilization has to be governed when using slower technologies such as HDDs or hardware with high latencies

Higher CPU utilization can be realized when using faster technologies such as flash SSDs along with XstreamCORE Storage Controllers with < four microsecond latency

XstreamCORE adds < four microseconds of latency