SAN Storage Controllers - Fibre Channel to SAS

Fibre Channel to SAS Controllers

ATTO Storage Controllers add Enterprise Fibre Channel SAN connectivity and features to SAS RAID, JBOD and JBOF storage enclosures. ATTO 7000 series products feature built-in hardware acceleration, data mover and mapping technology to share SSD flash and integrate with virtualization, security and business continuity solutions. With support for up to 960 SSD or HDD disk drives, ATTO Storage Controllers provide high IOPS and throughput, massive storage scalability and extremely low latency to satisfy application storage needs. ATTO Storage Controllers allow IT Administrators to build storage architectures that off-load server CPU and memory utilization while meeting budgetary needs.

  • XstreamVIEW™ remote management user interface for configuration, monitoring and management of ATTO's storage controller products.
  • xCORE™ Data Acceleration technology features multiple parallel I/O acceleration engines with end to end I/O processing, hardware buffer allocation management and real-time performance and latency analytics. These features combine to provide very high, reliable throughput and IOPS while adding less than 4 microseconds of latency.
  • The eCORE™ Control Engine adds common, open storage services, integrates with industry standard APIs, handles reservations, storage routing and host and LUN zoning functions. The eCORE Control Engine also manages traffic for data mover offload functions with added error handling and diagnostic tools. These features add value to JBOD, JBOF or RAID storage while providing tight integration with server based software.